Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience (Unabridged with all Grayscale Plates) с доставкой в город Ботлих

Бесплатная доставка от 3 500 рублей. Простой возврат до 60 дней.
Unabridged, with all grayscale plates, value reproduction of Songs of Innocence and of Experience by William Blake. This classic poetry, written in 1789, was originally hand colored on each page and is reproduced here in grayscale for a visually rich experience.Songs includes his most famous poem, “Tiger Tiger burning bright, In the forests of the night,” and many others. Interesting to read, and unique to Blake’s poetry in this collection, are that the poems of Innocence are often counter poised with the poems of Experience.This book of poetry is provided to the reader in a slim volume with all grayscale plates and text at an affordable price.
Вес: 93 г
Ширина упаковки: 156 мм
Высота упаковки: 3 мм
Глубина упаковки: 234 мм
Обложка: Мягкая обложка

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